8 Multi-purpose grooming products for men to try

With an increasing number of men grooming themselves, the market today offers lots of products to choose from. As its difficult choosing the right product for one skin or body type, it’s better to buy multi-purpose products which serve multiple uses.

In fact men like them as they are easier to use and have less clutter in the bathroom. Moreover two or three tasks can be accomplished through one bottle, which men love. So here is a list of quality products with multiple uses you should have in your grooming arsenal.

11 Things you should never apply to your face

  1. Hair color: If you want your hair and brow color to match, it’s better to use a tinted brow mascara or vegetable-based color for your brows instead of your hair color as it’s less harsh on your hair. Even box dye is rather irritating for the skin around your eye area and can burn your eyes and tear them.