3 Natural home remedies for treating dry feet

Do you have dry and cracked feet? If yes, don’t worry as many people suffer from this condition, which is attributed to the fact that the feet doesn’t have oil glands like the rest of the body. It’s the thousands of sweat glands on the feet which keeps it moisturized.

10 Facial masks for men

It’s important not only women but also men take care of their skin, especially because men have 15% oilier skin than women. Men also have considerably rougher skin because of their regular shaving and razor use.

While there are many skincare products in the market to help with men’s skin care, they are rich in chemicals. It’s thus better if men use natural products like a homemade facial mask for cheap protection against skin problems. So here are some useful homemade facial mask recipes worth trying out.

10 must-have products for those with oily skin- Part 1

So you have oily skin which is really irritating as it leads to frequent acne breakouts and zits. Actually, you should not fret too much about this as oily skin is a normal skin condition. It’s just that you need to know how to treat and manage it, using these specific products meant for treating oily skin.

Home skin care for combination skin

A person’s skin type is classified as oily, normal, dry or combination skin. In case of combination skin, you will have an oily T-zone of your forehead, nose and chin while the other parts of your skin have normal to dry skin. It is generally women who have this type of skin, who usually suffer from acne wrinkles at the same time too. So the best thing they do is apply treatments for different problems only on the affected areas