Why people opt for microdermabrasion

Looks are important in today’s competitive world, which is the main reason why so many people are trying to look younger than they actually are. There are today various procedures which can be performed to help capture and maintain one’s youthful appearance where microdermabrasion is one of them.

This is a non-invasive procedure which not only helps you look younger, but also rejuvenates your skin to give you a more natural and healthy look without the risk associated with cosmetic surgeries. Here is a list of the top reasons people opt to undergo microdermabrasion:

5 neck skin care tips worth knowing

You are always working hard at protection and caring for your facial skin and face. However the neck needs the same attention as they show signs of aging even quicker than your face does. So here are some tips to help you protect your necks.

4 more skin care myths demystified

The previous blog mentioned a few popular skin care myths which have been proven to be wrong. However they were only the tip of the iceberg as there are many other skin care myths waiting to be demystified.

Vitamins can contribute to healthy skin

Skin care products are not the only way to get healthy skin as whatever you eat also reflects itself on your skin. So if your diet comprises only of processed food, it will only lead to dull, discolored and oily skin. However if you nourish your body with whole foods with the required vitamins, your skin has a much better appearance.

So here is a list of basic vitamins you need for optimum skin health.

8 products which work better than Botox

If you are not happy about having Botox to look younger because of its pros and cons, you could try these skin-care products. They give Botox a run for its money and offer additional skin benefits like stimulating cell renewal and lightening dark spots.

With some patience and dedication at using them, they can help you skip injections, while promising your fabulous results. You can also maximize your results by eating right, exercising and keeping stress under control.

Quit Smoking For Healthy Skin

Many people think that smoking is unhealthy as it leads to lung cancer. However there are many other health problems associated to smoking like quickening the aging process and in the process, lead to wrinkles and lines on your skin. Research has proven that smoking does reduce the skin’s natural elasticity. It promotes the breakdown of collagen and also reduces the amount of collagen which is produced. Collagen promotes skin strength, but tends to gradually degrade with age to ...

5 Tips For Choosing The Best Skin Moisturizer

People suffering from dry skin have a continuous need for hydrating moisturizers. Insufficient moisture in the skin leads to the quick damage of collagen fibres and skin tissues. If you too suffer from dry skin and are looking for the right moisturizing cream, here are some helpful buying tips to consider!