4 more skin care myths demystified

The previous blog mentioned a few popular skin care myths which have been proven to be wrong. However they were only the tip of the iceberg as there are many other skin care myths waiting to be demystified.

4 Skin care myths debunked

You always thought you’d learnt lots of things related to beauty and skin care through beauty blogs and fashion magazines. While you do learn lots of things, some of them can be inaccurate because of skin care myths. So read on to learn more about these myths and what actually works.

The right nutrients also give healthy skin

Your skin is a great indicator of your health. The consumption of unhealthy foods and avoiding skin-healthy nutrients can lead to wrinkles, acne, inflammation and dry or oily skin which are all indications of poor internal health.

Most people use mainstream topical cosmetics like scrubs, toners and lotions to treat skin problems. However this actually does little to treating the root of the problem which is poor nutrition and exposure to toxins.

Vitamins can contribute to healthy skin

Skin care products are not the only way to get healthy skin as whatever you eat also reflects itself on your skin. So if your diet comprises only of processed food, it will only lead to dull, discolored and oily skin. However if you nourish your body with whole foods with the required vitamins, your skin has a much better appearance.

So here is a list of basic vitamins you need for optimum skin health.

Tea tree oil- Help with treating psoriasis

If you have thick white and silvery patches on your body which just does not go despite adding antiseptics to your bath, then you can try to simply and effectively treat your psoriasis condition with tea tree oil.

Psoriasis is a common skin condition which affects both men and women of various age groups. People afflicted with the disorder suffer an increased rate of new skin formation which results in flakes and spots as the skin cannot properly process the cells. This can happen in practically any part of the human body.

How to get rid of dark knee caps

The skin color of your knee caps may gradually darken because of scalding of the skin surface or frequent bruising. If you don’t take immediate care at preventing further darkening of the skin, your knee cap skin may slowly turn coarse and black with time. This is why you need to treat your knee caps using these natural therapies or some parlor treatments.

7 Tips for preventing diabetic dry skin

Diabetics suffer from dry skin as your body uses lots of water to make urine and remove excess glucose from the blood. Moreover, fluctuating blood glucose levels lead to skin changes. In addition to this, as a diabetic your diabetic condition constantly breaks down your skin defenses and leads to more skin problems.

10 must-have products for those with oily skin- Part 1

So you have oily skin which is really irritating as it leads to frequent acne breakouts and zits. Actually, you should not fret too much about this as oily skin is a normal skin condition. It’s just that you need to know how to treat and manage it, using these specific products meant for treating oily skin.

5 tips to help you buy the best sunscreen

So you are looking for a sunscreen but just don’t know which one to buy. With so many types of lotions, gels, sticks, creams and UV rays/UVB and broad spectrum creams to choose from, it’s not surprising. So here are some tips to help you recognize a good sunscreen.