Toothpaste too offers acne relief

After learning that lemon juice, baking soda and oatmeal can help treat your acne problem, you will be pretty surprised to learn that even your everyday toothpaste can do more than clean your teeth!

Lemon and oatmeal for acne relief

Acne can attack people of all ages, but is most common in teenagers because of their body’s increased hormone levels. Other acne triggers include sleep deprivation, stress, wrong eating habits and a hectic lifestyle. Acne can occur anywhere- on the face, scalp, back or chest. Though there is no definitive cure for the condition, there are some easy and natural cures available using common ingredients available at home.

Skin care- cold water for relief from puffy eyes

Swollen or puffy skin around the eyes is referred to as puffy eyes and is caused by various reasons like lack of sleep, a genetic predisposition and some medications which lead to fluid retention. Even the aging process increases the puffiness around the eyes. There are however various home remedies which help get rid of this problem in a safe and natural way.

Skincare- Vitamin C helps reduce dark circles

If you have dark circles, don’t fret as it is the second most common dermatological complaint existing. Though it is thought stress, all night work and late night partying all cause dark circles, this is not true. It’s just lack of sleep makes the skin pale, thus emphasizing already existing dark circles.

Coconut oil helps lighten dark armpits

While chemicals and shaving are the main causes for dark underarms, even friction caused by excessive sweating and tight clothes can darken armpits it’s because tight clothes rub against sweaty skin to lead to friction and consequent darkening of the skin. Lack of hygiene can lead to infections, itching and scratching which in turn leads to rough, scaly and dark skin. Even pollution, buildup of skin cells, type-2 diabetes, genetic predispositions and hyper pigmentation can lead to dark armpits

Lime juice helps lighten dark underarm skin

Dark underarms are a common skin condition where the skin under the arms becomes darker than the skin of the rest of the body. While this is nothing much to worry about, it does bother women more than men as it is a beauty concern for them. This is especially because dark underarms are more easily noticeable in the fair skinned when compared to the dark skinned.

Skin care- Take cold baths for relief from heat rashes

As mentioned in the previous blog, heat rashes usually form in humid and hot climates, especially if you wear tight-fitting clothes as they do not let your skin breathe. This thus leads to clogged skin pores which do not let sweat escape to lead to skin irritation and eventual heat rashes.

Other possible causes for prickly heat rashes are excessive sweating, wearing nylon clothes, high fever, obesity, over dressing and doing highly strenuous exercises. Even people suffering from congenital decreased or practically absent sweating and bed ridden patients are at an increased risk of developing the problem.

Watermelon -a skin home remedy for prickly heat rashes

Heat rash is rather common in hot and humid weather conditions because of blocked sweat ducts in both adults and children skin. Children are especially susceptible to the problem as they have underdeveloped sweat glands.

Its medical term is Miliaria, and causes stinging or prickling sensations, which accompanied by itching and redness. The symptoms of prickly heat usually develop on the back, around the chest, neck and underarms and its heat rash bumps are usually accompanied by redness and itching.

Home skin care for combination skin

A person’s skin type is classified as oily, normal, dry or combination skin. In case of combination skin, you will have an oily T-zone of your forehead, nose and chin while the other parts of your skin have normal to dry skin. It is generally women who have this type of skin, who usually suffer from acne wrinkles at the same time too. So the best thing they do is apply treatments for different problems only on the affected areas

Everyday fruits make great skin exfoliation scrubs

Your skin accumulates dead skin cells, and it is essential that you remove these dead skin cells regularly for younger looking and radiant skin. The best way to do this is with regular skin exfoliation, which helps in reducing fine lines, clogged pores, winkles and hyper pigmentation. Moreover, exfoliating your skin once or twice a week helps encourage the easy penetration of skin preparations like moisturizers and face masks for improved skin. Most of the homemade exfoliation recipes make use of granulated sugar as it is a humectants which helps hydrate your skin by absorbing moisture from the air.