Hair removal can be less painful

No matter if you like it or not, you need to tolerate the pain of all the unwanted body and hair removal options for smooth skin. You need to go through the ordeal of waxing pain, razor burns and bumps and even ingrown hairs just to have smooth skin.

If you are tired of tolerating and going through all this pain, here are some innovative tactics a grooming expert and aesthetician has to offer to reduce the pain.

Looking for the best hair removal method?

Everyone wants to remove all the unwanted hair from their bodies; it’s just that many don’t know which hair removal method to use. While some people can tolerate and go through the ordeal of bikini wax, others may not be able to do so. This is why this guide was created, with the intention of helping you through the hair removal trial and error ordeal period.

7 Smart ways to prevent and get rid of stretch marks

Stretch marks are better prevented than cured. They are those dreaded scar tissue lines common with pregnancy and extreme weight loss which are a consequence of tears in connective tissue. Though this may sound violent, it isn’t and here are some tips to prevent it from occurring.

4 Homemade masks as a remedy for dry feet

So you’ve tried the age-old remedy of applying petroleum jelly, moisturizers and creams to your feet to get rid of all that dry skin, right? Well, if you have the patience, you can also try out some masks to apply not to your face, but to your feet for smooth and supple feet.

3 Natural home remedies for treating dry feet

Do you have dry and cracked feet? If yes, don’t worry as many people suffer from this condition, which is attributed to the fact that the feet doesn’t have oil glands like the rest of the body. It’s the thousands of sweat glands on the feet which keeps it moisturized.

A child’s sensitive skin needs this additional care

You love your child and want to do everything possible to take best care of your baby. Your child’s skin is very delicate, and this is where you can start your childcare routine. In fact, a child has thinner and more sensitive skin than an adult and is thus more sensitive to irritation. So here are a few tips which help parents care for a child’s sensitive skin.

Men’s rough skin- not a worry anymore

Men seldom spend money, time or thought on their skin as it’s always been assumed that skin care is something meant only for women. On the contrary, anyone can get rough skin if they don’t take proper care of their skin and if they use the wrong skin products. Remember, your sweetheart’s products may work only for her, and not for you as skincare options cannot be shared.

Rough men skin? Don’t worry, just follow these 7 skin care tips!

It can get pretty embarrassing if you have rough skin, especially if its roughness is compared to sandpaper! Moreover, it’s rather frustrating and embarrassing with its redness, pain, flaking, tightness and itchiness wherein you end up tucking your hands in your pockets or hiding those rough parts of your body like arms, legs and midsection.

Men too suffer from dry skin- Part 2

While moisturizers and stopping smoking can help control dry skin in men, even men with oily skin need to tackle dry skin sometime. Like in the winters, especially if you have a tendency of spending lots of time outdoors. This is because while the temperatures plunge and the sky fills with winds, the body’s moisture retaining quality takes a beating.

Moreover, the air is less humid during the winter season, which ends up practically sucking moisture out of your skin. So it’s not that easy stopping the skin drying process. On the contrary, there are some things you can do to maintain healthy and moisturized skin even in the cold winters.

Men too suffer from dry skin- Part 1

Men’s skincare regimen originally comprised of just an aftershave and a mild sunburn. However things have changed nowadays wherein men put in more time and effort to take good care of their skin.

They have finally realized that the skin is the largest and very important organ of the body which has to be taken care of. Though the human skin keeps bacteria and viruses out of the body, this function is compromised in those with dry skin.