Some more gym habits which can ruin your skin

While letting your hair lose, not wearing gloves while working out and dehydration are some things you should not do while at the gym, there are some additional gym habits to avoid for optimal skin care.

Touching your face

It’s better if you avoid touching your face during workouts, especially if you are doing weights or cardio machines as these machines do breed bacteria. As you don’t want to unnecessarily introduce bacteria to your skin, which can lead to new breakouts and spread existing ones, it’s better to keep your hands off your skin. The best way to do this is by maintaining a habit of washing your hands after your workout.

4 Gym habits which can ruin your skin

It’s great if you have a habit of going to the gym as not many do. It’s good for both your health and wellness but at the same time, can cause havoc to your skin. This is especially if you are used to any of these below bad habits wherein you will have to take some time to rethink things.

  1. Letting loose your hair

If you have a habit of leaving your hair, and do not pull it back from your face, the hair products and not sweat may cause skin problems. So if you notice some breakouts on your hairline or forehead, don’t just blame sweat. All the mousses, gels and hair products you use are also to blame.

5 Skin care tips for busy moms

A mom is a new phase in a woman’s life. She now has to take care of herself and her bundle of joy, which means making major changes to her everyday routine. This spans past infanthood till the child is old enough to fend for themselves.

So amidst all her chores and responsibilities, she may not place much emphasis on her skincare. However you need to know that there are some skincare tips you can use as a mom, which doesn’t take up much of your time.

10 signs you’re sabotaging your skin

There’s so much of information on how you should take care of your skin on the internet. However despite all this, many make big skincare mistakes. So look out for these tell-tale signs if you are one of those sabotaging your skin!

Men too need an eye cream

Skincare is not a word you will usually find in a man’s dictionary. So you can’t actually expect them to take much care of one of the most sensitive skin areas, which is the skin around the eyes.

This skin is very thin and is thus susceptible to suffering from problems which make you look even older and tired. So if you are like one of these guys and don’t use any eye cream, it’s time to get one. These are the reasons for your buying and using an eye cream.

4 Tips for preventing itchy skin in men

An itching man is an uncomfortable and unsightly sight. However it is a predicament they can’t do much about without the right skincare as while there are various reasons for itchy skin, the most common cause is dryness. Once your skin grows dry, it gets flaky, irritated and itchy. So here are some tips to help you keep your skin hydrated and thus prevent itchy skin.

  1. Change to liquid cleansers

If you have always been using the many men’s soaps available in the market, it’s time to change and use a men’s body wash. This is because the mass-market soaps can dry your skin with its fragrances and other irritants.

8 Skin care tips for men with sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is a sensitive issue as it’s more prone to irritation than other skin types. This is why men suffering from the condition need to use the right skin products to keep your skin healthy and prevent skin problems.

  1. No point overusing skincare products

There’s no point in using your men’s skincare products more than directed to get fast results as you only end up doing more harm than good. This means if you use face and body scrubs everyday instead of only 3-4 times a week, you end up with skin redness, irritation and other problems.

6 Skin care tips for swimmers

Swimming is a great hobby, especially in summer as it helps you cool down while the mercury level rises, while helping you lose some weight. However like most of the good things in life, swimming has its downfalls, especially with your skin.

Some of the damage it can cause to your skin are skin tan, dry and damaged hair, chemical abuse on the sun and swimming under the sun. Moreover, the excessive chemicals in swimming pools dry and darkens the skin while drying up the body’s natural oils. It also troubles the eyes and can lead to fungal or bacterial infections.

4 Anti-aging skin mistakes men make

If you want to look younger than the father you are today, there are a few tips you need to follow and a few mistakes you need to avoid making. This is why this article is written, with the intention of helping men’s skin look great no matter what your age may be, by helping you fight wrinkles and other signs of aging.

  1. Insufficient moisturizing

It’s important that you moisturize your skin at least once a day, without any excuses. This is important as moisturizing not only hydrates your skin, but in the process, also helps fight off signs of aging.

5 ways a men’s face scrub can help you get a date

No matter how hard you try, you just don’t seem lucky or capable enough to get a date for yourself. There may be many reasons for this, but one of the main and common reasons in men is a dull and bad complexion.

A face scrub helps create a significant difference between a dull and vibrant complexion. It should thus be an important part of any man’s facial skincare routine for the following reasons and benefits.