7 Glowing skin care tips worth knowing

One topic women and girls will never get tired about is how they can get glowing skin. If you too have always wondered about this, here are some expert advice worth following to finally get glowing skin.

  1. The Omega-3 powerhouse

Omega-3s are important for your skin’s natural barrier against moisture loss, pollution and sun damage. So eat more of fishes like sardine and mackerel, add flax seeds to your salad and even snack on walnuts for an instant omega-3 boost. It will help increase your skin’s ability at holding onto moisture.

Recovery procedure and possible risks of a chemical peel

A chemical peel helps reduce fine lines around the mouth and eyes, and helps improve the appearance of scars, dark patches, freckles and age spots. The procedure involves applying a chemical solution like glycolic acid to trigger a controlled wound after which new skin takes its place. There however are some things you need to do before and after the peel, and some risks associated with the procedure.

Chemical peels help improve the look of your skin

Chemical peel can be used to improve the face, neck or hand’s appearance. It helps reduce fine lines around the mouth and under eyes, improves the appearance of mild scars, helps treat acne types, treats wrinkles, reduces dark patches, age spots and freckles and improves the look and feel of skin.


The procedure involves applying a chemical solution to the skin after which the skin blisters and peels off. The resulting new skin is generally smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin.

How to tackle dry facial skin

Only those with dry facial skin know how uncomfortable, unattractive and annoying it is to deal with. This dry skin is triggered by various factors like use of harsh products, over-cleansing, wrong nutrition and dehydration. Whatever the reason may be, dry skin is irritating and may require drastic measures to fight and prevent dry skin from occurring.

5 neck skin care tips worth knowing

You are always working hard at protection and caring for your facial skin and face. However the neck needs the same attention as they show signs of aging even quicker than your face does. So here are some tips to help you protect your necks.

7 Skin care tips worth implementing this fall

Seasonal changes not only bring about environment changes, but also the need of changing your skin care routine. So with fall coming round the corner, its well worth knowing these skin care tips to help you get through fall.

Various benefits of undergoing a microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion-the name may sound intimidating, but is in fact an effective anti-aging treatment option. It is a non-surgical facial resurfacing technique which mechanically exfoliates the outermost dead skin cells layer and vacuums them away to give soft and smooth skin to make you look younger and more vibrant.

Choose the right skin serum for this fall

Come fall and its cool temperatures creates havoc on your skin by making it dry, sensitive and irritated. The best way to prevent and control this is by including serum in your skincare regimen.

Serum is important as it contains a strong dose of powerful ingredients to help you skin tackle different skin problems. These serums come in various types to suit your skin type, skin issue and budget. Here are the different types of serums available for you to choose and use this fall:

Drinking water treats water retention

Water retention is a common problem triggered by various factors like excess salt intake, protein deficiency, thyroid disease, blocked lymph channels, physical inactivity, high levels of waste and hormonal changes because of the menstrual cycle. In fact, most of the time, it’s triggered by disorders of the kidney, heart and liver.

Edema or swollen tissues is the most obvious symptom of water retention and is most prominent in legs, feet and ankles. As water retention is more a symptom than a disease, don’t neglect widespread or long term edema.

Eye care is also a part of skin care

Lots of emphasis is placed on buying and choosing the right skincare products. However not many people know that it’s also important that you remove makeup before sleeping. Most women feel so tired at the end of the day that they don’t feel like spending any more time removing their makeup before sleeping. However not doing this can lead to significant skin damage which accelerates the aging process.